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Pink Floyd - The Wall, Rock T-Shirts, Classic Rock Collection.

The Wall is my favorite album!!!



David Gilmour: "I still think some of the music is incredibly naff, but The Wall is conceptually brilliant. At the time I thought it was Roger listing all the things that can turn a person into an isolated human being. I came to see it as as one of the luckiest people in the world issuing a catalogue of abuse and bile against people who'd never done anything to him. Roger was taking more and more of the credits. In the songbook for this album against Comfortably Numb it says Music by Gilmour and Waters. It shouldn't. He did the lyrics. I did the music. I kept finding hundreds of little things like that. Shouldn't bitch, but one does feel unjustly done."

Nick Mason: "The recording was very tense, mainly because Roger was starting to go a bit mad. This was the record when he fell out badly with Rick. Rick has a natural style, a very specific piano style, but he doesn't come up with pieces easily, or to order. Which is a problem when other people are worrying about who did what and who should get
the credit. There was even talk of Roger and Dave elbowing me out and carrying on as a duo. There were points during The Wall when Roger and Dave were really carrying the thing. Rick was useless, and I wasn't very much help to anyone either."

David Gilmour: "Generally Nick worked hard and played well on The Wall. He even worked out a way of reading music for the drums. But there was one track called Mother which he really didn't get. So I hired Jeff Porcaro to do it. And Roger latched on to this idea, the way he always did with my ideas, and began to think, is Nick really

During the sessions for The Wall, Richard Wright was basically forced out of Pink Floyd.

Rick Wright: "Roger came up with the whole album on a demo, which everyone felt was potentially very good but musically very weak. Very weak indeed. Bob [Ezrin], Dave and myself worked on it to make it more interesting. But Roger was going through a big ego thing at the time, saying that I wasn't putting enough in, although he was making it
impossible for me to do anything. The crunch came when we all went off on holiday towards the end of the recording. A week before the holiday was up I got a call from Roger in America, saying come over immediately. Then there was this band meeting in which Roger told me he wanted me to leave the band. At first I refused. So Roger stood up
and said that if I didn't agree to leave after the album was finished, he would walk out then and there and take the tapes with him. There would be no album, and no money to pay off our huge debts. So I agreed to go. I had two young kids to support. I was terrified. Now I think I made a mistake. It was Roger's bluff. But I really didn't want to work
with this guy anymore."

David Gilmour: "We had a studio in the south of France where Rick was staying. There rest of us had rented houses 20 miles away. We'd all go home at night, and we'd say to Rick, Do what you like, here all these tracks, write something, play a solo, put some stuff down. You've got all evening every evening to do it. All the time we were there, which was several months, he did nothing. He just wasn't capable of playing anything."

In the Flesh? (Waters) [03:17] Vocals by Waters.

The Thin Ice (Waters) [02:28] Vocals by Waters and Gilmour ("Momma
loves ... Ooh babe").

Another Brick in the Wall part.I (Waters) [03:41] Vocals by Waters.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Waters) [01:20] Vocals by Waters.

Another Brick in the Wall part.II (Waters) [03:56] Vocals by Waters and

Mother (Waters) [05:32] Vocals by Waters and Gilmour (the mother).

Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) [02:48] Vocals by Gilmour and Waters

Empty Spaces (Waters) [02:07] Vocals by Waters.

Young Lust (Waters, Gilmour) [03:29] Vocals by Gilmour.

One of my Turns (Waters, Gilmour) [03:36] Vocals by Waters.

Don't Leave Me Now (Waters) [04:22] Vocals by Waters and Gilmour

Another Brick in the Wall part.III (Waters) [01:17] Vocals by Waters.

Goodbye Cruel Word (Waters) [01:05] Vocals by Waters.

Hey You (Waters) [04:39] Vocals by Gilmour and Waters ("But it was

Is There Anybody Out There? (Waters) [02:40] Vocals by Waters. Nobody
Home (Waters) [03:25] Vocals by Waters.

Vera (Waters) [01:38] Vocals by Waters.

Bring the Boys Back Home (Waters) [00:50]Vocals by Waters.

Comfortably Numb (Gilmour, Waters) [06:49] Vocals by Waters (the
Doctor) and Gilmour (Pink).

The Show Must Go On (Waters) [01:36] Vocals by Gilmour.

In the Flesh (Waters) [04:16] Vocals by Waters.

Run Like Hell (Gilmour, Waters) [04:22] Vocals by Waters and Gilmour.

Waiting for the Worms (Waters) [03:56] Vocals by Waters and Gilmour.

Stop (Waters) [00:34] Vocals by Waters.

The Trial (Waters, Ezrin) [05:16] Vocals by Waters.

Outside the Wall (Waters) [01:42] Vocals by Waters.

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